Kate Lovering

kate-lovering-006-blog (2)

Kate Lovering was the first person to give the project a go. Kate lives in Sand Lake, New York, U.S.A. She is a photojournalist. She hangs out with her clients for long periods of immersing herself in their lives to better capture their more truthful emotions and moments. Kate worked for over a year on a story of a young female boxer, and has a series of work about families titled The Day in the Life. You can see her work on her website: Katelovering.com.

I was so nervous processing Kate’s film. I’ve only processed my own film before so if I messed it up, which is fairly easy to do, I didn’t care because it was my own. Working on someone else’s work was an entirely new level of Holy Sh*t don’t mess this up!

Good news, I didn’t screw it up (although it took me twenty minutes to load her film onto the reel – NERVES). Her photographs are spectacular.  I love the mystery and story in her imagery. Here are a few of the images she made (including the one above that started this post).


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